Unconventional Bridal Bouquet Ideas - by Lily's Florist Glendale

Unconventional Wedding Bouquets To Make Your Big Day Extra Special

If fresh flowers aren’t your thing, then you’d be delighted to find inspiration from these unique bridal bouquets that we’ll share with you today.

Jewelry Bouquet

Who needs flowers when you can get diamonds? Oh yes, you can use jewelry for your bridal bouquet. Genuine diamonds, however, might be too impractical. You can opt for semi-precious stones or fancy pieces of costume jewelry with faux stones. Vintage brooches and pins from your family members or from thrift stores can be made into a handcrafted wedding bouquet that’s sparkly and stunning.

Paper Bouquet

Paper bouquet by 2CLVR Designs

You don’t have to look deprived when practicality strikes. Bridal bouquets made of paper can look absolutely stunning. Why not carry an origami of flowers or a posy of rosebuds made from rolled out pages of your favorite book? Love music? Carry a paper flower bouquet made from sheet music. Catch everyone’s attention by walking down the aisle with an extra large paper flower. Because your bouquet is crafted from a non-perishable material, it can last long and serve as a keepsake from your special day.

Crafty Bouquet

French bead bouquet by Projects by Margie

Love arts and crafts? Show passion for what you do by carrying it with you down the aisle. You can have a bouquet made of fabric, buttons, felt, and other craft materials. If you have the patience, time and artistic skill to do a French or Victorian beading technique, create your own bead bouquet using glass seed beads, pearls and Swarovski crystals. That would be something you can definitely pass on to your future daughter.

Ribbons and Lace Bouquet

Lace and Silk Bouquet by Mademoiselle Artsy

A wedding bouquet made of high quality silk formed into roses would look absolutely romantic. To ensure that your silk flowers won’t look cheap, carefully select the color combination. Opt for classy pastel or neutral hues like pink and grey, ivory and gold, or pink and lavender. Use a silver tussie mussie holder to hold your silk blossoms.

Childhood Treasures Bouquet

Trinkets bouquet from The Ritzy Rose

Collect trinkets, family heirlooms, brooches, small toys and childhood memorabilia from your side and your spouse’s and form it into a treasure trove bouquet.

A Bouquet of Feathers

Bespoke Vintage Castle’s Feather bouquet

Create a super chic bouquet by pairing flowers and ribbons with feather accents. You can use large quill feathers, peacock feathers, or fluffy ostrich feathers. This unexpected embellishment can bring a bit of glamour and style into your wedding.

Pearly Shell Bouquet

Shell Bouquet made by SeashellBouquets by IC

Having a beach wedding? Keep your bouquet in theme by carrying one that’s made of sea shells in various shapes and sizes. You can go for an all-white shell bouquet or a more feminine pale pink and white shell arrangement.

With an unconventional bridal bouquet that features a quirky style, an unexpected material, odd shape or an unusual color, you get to personalize your big day a little bit more. It’s a special day that celebrates you and your partner’s differences and your choice to be one so go ahead and don’t be afraid to go for something that will make your special day more extraordinary.

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