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Sympathy Flowers and Gift Ideas

It’s always difficult to know how to react when a friend or family member loses someone dear to them. We’re often left wondering what we should do, what we should say, and how we should express our sympathy. Aside from lending a listening ear, one thoughtful gesture that most of us do to express our heartfelt sympathy is to send a gift.

But choosing a gift itself is another tricky thing to do. So to help you find the gift that shows the appropriate level of empathy, we’re here to a share a list of sympathy flowers and gift ideas.

Flower baskets and potted plants. While any type of flower or plant will be suitable, it’s more thoughtful if you’d choose a variety that reflects the personality of the deceased. Both bold arrangements and muted ones are acceptable as flowers carry the dual message of sympathy and hope. Sympathy flowers need not be dark and somber all the time. But to be on the safer side, save the lively floral arrangement to someone or to the family of someone you really know like your best friend or close relative.

You can send your sympathy flower gift to the funeral home or send it about a week after the funeral to the family home of the deceased. It’s never too late to express your condolences if you missed the funeral. You can still send sympathy flowers to remind the bereaved family that you remember them and that you are there to share the burden of grief.

Condolence food basket. This is a thoughtful sympathy present to give to bereaved families who are receiving several guests during the mourning period. This practical gift takes away the stress of having to prepare meals for the guests. Thinking of what and when to eat and preparing meals may be difficult for the mourning family so your condolence basket of food would be helpful.

The food to include in your basket would depend on your relationship with the family and their tradition and culture. Baked goods, fruits, nuts, small sandwiches or platters and trays of food items for a number of people would be appropriate if you intend to send the food basket during visitation hours at the funeral home. If you will have it delivered to the family home, an entire meal, fresh and dried fruits, chocolates, and light snacks would be appropriate.

Gift of service. For a co-worker who has lost someone, donating a day of leave (if this is possible) would be very thoughtful. For relatives, offering to go grocery shopping for them would be nice. You can also handle the scheduling or appointment booking of lawn care service or house cleaning service. Think of specific things you can do to help – prepare food, run errands, babysit, or do something for the kids so they won’t feel that they are forgotten.

When choosing a sympathy gift, you may want to consider gifts that promote healing – those that could bring comfort and uplift the spirit. They don’t have to be tangible; they can be your time, your shoulder to cry on, a warm hug, or even your quiet sadness. While we’re all individual in our grief and we don’t know how quickly others can move on, a gift that has a calming or healing effect, even for just a day or a few minutes, can be effective in expressing your message of sympathy and support. 


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