Flowers for July Wedding - by Lily's Florist Glendale

Top Flower Choice For A July Wedding

Getting married in the month of July lets you enjoy the beautiful blossoms of the summer season. Here are our top picks to guide you in selecting the best flowers for your big day.


Want a bold-colored flower but minute enough so it won’t attract too much attention? Pick the small blossoms of vibrant cornflowers. This scented blossom is available in pink, maroon, and the more famous blue shade. Cornflowers look gorgeous when mixed together with sweet peas, love-in-a-mist, daisies, and white freesias. Cornflower symbolizes prosperity.


Another common flower used for events held in the month of July is dahlia. Its striking appearance will surely make your venue look extra glamorous. The multi-layered petals of dahlias are sure to add body and dimension to any arrangement. Dahlias symbolize elegance, change, travel or adventure, and commitment. Blue and green dahlias, in particular, symbolize big changes and fresh starts.


The very fragrant freesia will work best on your wedding bouquet. Symbolizing innocence, this inexpensive July flower will make you look and smell sweet. You can find freesias in white, orange, pink, mauve, lavender and purple, and golden yellow. There are also bi-colored freesias that are guaranteed to bring a unique look to your arrangement.


A flower that looks heavenly and romantic, larkspurs or delphinium as others would call it, provides you with star-shaped flowers in attractive blue, white, ivory, purple, pink, red, and orange shades. This versatile flower would look good not just in a bouquet or a table centerpiece but also on a piece of wedding hair accessory or in a boutonniere.  


Magnolia is a well-loved flower with over 200 species. Its large, fragrant petals never fail to catch the attention of women. No wonder it generally symbolizes Yin or the feminine side of life. Specific meanings depend on the color of the magnolia. White magnolias depict purity and dignity while pink magnolia blossoms convey youthfulness and innocence. Purple magnolias stand for health and good fortune.  Magnolias are best for table centerpieces and accent arrangements.


Summer won’t be complete without the sun-kissed beauty and the happy yellow hue of sunflowers. This mildly fragrant blossom can instantly bring a joyful mood to your celebration of love. When mixed with other blooms in-season, you can create an enchanting bouquet or table centerpiece.  If you’re not a fan of the bright yellow color, you have red and orange sunflower varieties to consider.

Sunflowers represent happiness, good luck and joy.

Lady’s Slipper Orchid

Combine these with peonies, parrot tulips, lisianthus, hydrangeas, or scented geraniums and you can create a truly elegant flower arrangement. This impressive orchid variety provides you an exotic and very showy flower. This type of orchid is not so easy to find so expect a heftier price tag when purchasing fresh cut lady slippers.


The bright and cheerful zinnias can bring a dramatic touch your wedding flower decoration. These sturdy flowers are sure to remain fresh until the end of the wedding party. The densely petaled, round zinnia variety is a popular choice as well as the gerbera daisy-like zinnia variety. Zinnias are your pocket-friendliest choice when choosing flowers for your July wedding. They can blend well and elegantly complement large, expensive flowers. 


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