Choosing A Flower Vase - by Lily's Florist Glendale

Which Flower Vase Should You Use?

Fancy flower arranging? Get yourself equipped with the basics on choosing the vase for cut flowers. We’ve got two simple but tried and tested tips to share so you will always come up with a nice looking arrangement for your home, work desk or home office.

The first one would be to choose a vase that perfectly fits the amount of flowers you intend to put inside it. To put it simply, you need one in a size that’s proportionate to the quantity of the flowers you will be using. Here’s a quick guide so you can easily match flowers with the right container:

Bud vase: Designed to hold a single flower
Tall Cylinder vase:  Ideal for line flowers like delphiniums, gladioli and snapdragons               
Glass Pitcher:  For big bouquets
Cube Vase: Designed for big, bushy flowers and foliage

The second tip would be to select a vase with a shape that complements the flowers you’d put in it. Here are some of the basic vase shapes and the corresponding blossoms that would look good in them.

Trumpet Vases
A vase with a shape that flares on the mouth would complement ranunculuses, snowdrops, roses, lilies, sunflowers, gerberas and blossoms with unique shapes.

Ginger Jar
The classic design and irresistible style of ginger jars or urns would match the beauty of lisianthus, roses, asters, freesia, mini gerberas, mini carnations and Queen Anne’s lace. These jars are ideal for blooms with thin, less rigid stems.

Wide-Mouth Shallow Vases
Want to turn a cookie tin, a pan or your favorite punchbowl into a vase? The freshly picked blossoms from your garden would be enough to give beauty to a wide-mouth shallow vase. Flowers with large, showy blooms would also look good on bubble bowls. Make lilies, sunflowers, gerbera daisies and irises float on shallow vessels.

Bottle-Shaped Vase
Containers with narrow top match slim-stemmed flowers best. Together, they create a dramatic appeal without looking messy or over-the-top, literally and figuratively.

Cylinder Vases
Show off the elegant beauty and grace of tulips, anemonies, and grape hyacinths by using straight-sided cylinder flower vessels. These are perfect for large flower bunches and blooms with unusual shapes.

Cone Vase
A dramatic shape like that of a cone vase would complement big, bushy flowers like clematis and lilacs. Fill up the vase to the brim with a full arrangement of tiny, dainty blossoms.

Small Vases
So you’ve got jam jars, iced tea glasses, and small pitchers that you’d want to recycle? Create small, loose flower arrangements using them and some mini roses, herbs, or flowers that you can find in your garden.

All of these are just guidelines to help you make the perfect flower arrangement. The final look of your flower design will depend largely on your personal taste and personality. Don’t hesitate to mix and match different elements (consider color, pattern and texture of flowers and foliage) to make your arrangement truly eye-catching. But of course, it isn’t enough that you only find the right vase. Proper preparation of cut flowers and proper care assures you of longer lasting and obviously, more beautiful flowers.  

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