Artificial Flowers 101 - by Lily's Florist Glendale

5 Facts About Artificial Flowers

What else do you know about fake blooms? Well, aside from having a real pocket-friendly value, there are a few more things that make artificial flowers interesting or appealing.

1. Artificial silk flowers are not really made from silk.

While there are real silk flowers formed from the protein fiber spun by a silk worm, majority of the common silk flowers we see today are not really made of 100% pure silk but of polyester, plastics, parchment, latex, polymers, velvet and silk blends. The expensive value of silk plus advancements in technology drove manufacturers of silk flowers to use synthetic fibers and just apply high tech processes to create life-like flowers.

In the U.S., it is prohibited to label artificial flowers made of polyester as silk flowers. But in other countries, artificial flowers and silk flowers are labels used interchangeably. So if you intend to buy real silk flowers outside U.S., it’s best to be meticulous and ask for the actual material used in creating that particular “silk flower.”

2. All artificial flowers start with white-colored fabric or material.

Regardless of the kind of flower to produce and the desired color and style, the process of manufacturing artificial flowers starts with using a white base. The material is then die-cut into different petal shapes and sizes. Cut petals are then dyed and manually assembled to form a flower.

3. Today’s modern, state-of-the-art artificial flowers are called Real Touch flowers.


Real Touch flowers are artificial flowers that feature a genuine feel to the touch. They are said to be more realistic looking with true-to-life colors, shapes, and details. Real Touch flowers are made from high precision molds and undergo sophisticated coating techniques under the Real Touch technology that was developed in the U.S. and perfected in Japan and Taiwan.

4. There’s such a thing as fake Real Touch flowers.

While artificial flowers - whether made from the old technology or the Real Touch process - are not genuine to begin with, counterfeit or fake Real Touch artificial flowers exist in the market. Basically these are just second-rate or substandard artificial flowers that claim a soft touch or true touch feature. Real Touch artificial flower knockoffs are generally made from poor quality latex or rubber.

5. Artificial flowers appear to be a greener choice than fresh flowers.

Shocking, right? Well, an analysis on the carbon footprint of silk and fresh flowers has been done in 2011. A single delivery of premium quality artificial flowers gives you a single packaging material to recycle and a bunch of reusable, easy-to-clean, longer lasting, realistic-looking artificial botanicals. Getting fresh flowers could mean weekly purchases of perishable blooms and more packaging materials to dispose or reuse, plus organic “trash” that could produce methane when not properly degraded by composting.  

Artificial flowers are indeed the more practical flower choice. The use of faux blossoms in workplaces is a growing trend today. With artificial flowers’ budget-friendly cost, years-long shelf life, ultra realistic look, genuine feel to the touch, and no-soil/sun/water/fertilizer care, there’s no doubt it would soon be the preferred flower choice of many.

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